Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Polaroid Charms!

Of course I need to add to my DIYs. I discovered this beauty of a DIY tutorial over at Polish The Stars, and thought it would make an adorable bouquet charm! Or even a cute charm to attach to the bridal party's gifts. Had I not already started the wine charms, I'd consider that....

I have a sneaky feeling that the next time I order craft supplies, there will be little tiles involved!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

BMaid Ring Test!

*warning* This post was planned to be written at home with pretty edited pictures...but I want to test out the new Blogger app, so insert overeager post here.

My diy wine charms are still in process, but in the middle of that, I decided to test out a bridesmaid's gift. A super cute ring to wear!

I have these flowers in pinks and creams for the bridesmaids, but I wanted to test out this green to see how they looked. (And to test out the glue).
We have a winner! I'm so imagining an after ceremony picture of just hands - bridesmaids with their rings and my hand with the wedding + engagement ring. I do have enough flowers to make one for myself too...maybe a brunch ring?


P.S. Forgive the iPhone pictures. So hoping my next iPhone take better snapshots!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Weekend Plans

Hooray! My supplies for this weekend's craft came just in time! I don't seem to have any more of my jeweler's expoxy so half of it might have it wait...but I will definitely be making wine charms!

From CMVision

After I got the idea, I literally spent three days searching Etsy for the right bases and flowers for my wine charms. Those up above will be one of the variations for the ladies (two flower types, many colors, and two base types). The men will be getting cork charms if it all goes well! Hopefully it all works, so I Loverboy can take pictures.

And maybe I'll go get supplies to make these cupcake candleholders too.  As the boy says, I am incorrigible. Must stop adding things to the wedding diylist. 
From Songbird is Nesting

From Songbird is Nesting

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So while I have been impatiently figuring out which diy projects are definites so I can go buy supplies, I have been spending a LOT of time on Etsy.

Okay, a lot more than usual. I see those looks Loverboy. I know my screen is on Etsy a good..oh...75% of the time I'm on the laptop.

This time I was sorta-shopping and sorta houseshopping, because we seriously need some canisters for flour and sugar...and maybe the brown sugar and fake sugar. Apparently coffee goes in the freezer...who knew?

During this favorite hearting extravaganza canister searching, I received the sweetest message from a fellow Californian Trinkets818 telling me how much she loved the wedding vision, and that she was wishing happiness for Loverboy and me.

Of course I took a look in her shop, and there's some great finds! In addition to vintage items, there's vintage repurposed...and what does CCB love more than vintage? Vintage repurposed. (and Cupcakes of course).

Handstamped spreaders
 I am SO curious if these spreaders would work if they were spraypainted gold first. Wouldn't they be darling for brunch?

I heart this champagne flutes. I don't even want to imagine Loverboy's face if I told him he had to drink from a lacewrapped flute though. Sigh. Maybe the BFF's mother would like.

Customized charm bracelets with vintage charms. I'm really feeling the religious medallion one for everyday wear. And the boxes of gemstones and tools in my closet all say that I desperately need to give up trying to make EVERYTHING (at least until the wedding is over) and buy some things.

Anyway, don't you love her stuff?


Monday, September 12, 2011

New DIY List page!

I've been trying to figure out my definites of DIYs...you know the ones that aren't affected by lack of venue choice, etc. Why? Because I am fully fully aware that I need to get rolling on projects. And because I need to see completed things in front of me to be certain....and because I'm excited!

The projects I *want* to do first all involve book pages, and I'm hesitant to go looking for wornout books to tear up before checking the local library super sale at the end of the month.

I'm thinking next project might be the wine charms, but I'm seeing how long supplies will take to get here. In the meantime I guess I'll keep working on the fairytale invitations. (Sneak sneak peek coming soon!)

So either peek over the side or click here to peruse the list!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cupcake testing and Cupcakes Vase

Let's begin with, I've been testing some awesome fruit cupcake flavors. However....that little issue of keyboards not mixing with water means Apple has my laptop and the pictures of those. Until it returns, here's a hint - one's really a mini cheesecake but not with the fruit you'd think!

I've been working on completing the concept for the tables - almost done, I think! Best part, it coincides wonderfully with my favorite Stevie Nicks song. Scared, yet? Once I photoshop a table together, you'll get first look!

Bigger problem though. One of my favorite DIYs (that I have not tried yet, but it looks so dang cute) just got commercialized, and now I don't know what to do! Do I stick with the DIY technique which might need florist help? Do I use the super duper cute product that I could definitely do myself? Input needed!

DIY #1:
DIY via Dabbled
This one is from Dabbled
It's clearly the most adorable thing ever. If I were a flower display, it would be this. The bottom is a baking mold or brioche pan...which I have no idea the cost of/where to get.

DIY #2:

via How Does She?
And adorable yet again. These seem to be less floraly than the other to me though. Is it just me? 
Super super plus: Those ZigZag pots she uses are only $1.99. (I'd use bright pink of the current choices available).  Imagine everywhere I could put these. (Someone restrain me now!)

Semi DIY - Option #3
Via CupcakeVase.com

And finally, the probably easier to do myself product: Cupcake Vases! I discovered them in the Facebook side ads. Who knew such wonderful stuff was hiding there?

Via CupcakeVase.com
I love the idea of multiple flower types - changes the look entirely

Via CupcakeVase.com

There - see how it works? Seems easy enough. Get single flowers. Place stems in designated spots. Tada! They're $10.95...which maybe equals out when you think about the floral foam and such in the others?  White and light pink are the only current color choices that match...although I wonder if I could spraypaint them! 

Please don't tell Loverboy. He's a little afraid that one of these days I'm going to spraypaint HIM gold!

Which floral cupcake do you like best?
Xoxo, CCB

Sunday, August 28, 2011

(Almost) Finalized Dinner Menu

Today, I learned that liquids and keyboards don't mix. Rest in peace right shift key...

However, I also learned what Loverboy really wants out of our wedding menu. This morning he made me breakfast in bed. And by breakfast in bed, I mean tuna fish tacos. Yum, right? And a bit healthier than the carbladen pancakes I typically request.  After I woofed it down, "You know, there's a part of me that just wants to serve fish tacos at the wedding."

His face lit up. "It's California."
      Man translate: It's us.
Me: Yup
Him: We could do carne asada too...and something for your vegetarian bridesmaids.
Me: Uh, and your mother. (also a vegetarian)
Him: Yeah, that too. (Entirely ignoring the point and just focused on tacos). Who wouldn't love that meal?!?

Then he launched into a monologue about the different types of tacos and ingredients. No need for repetition, but the point was made.  The boy wants tacos!

Coincidentally, I discovered the self-catered section of A Practical Wedding. Super helpful to anyone considering that route...and apparently pretty touching too. I cried. Feeling SO much better about doing it ourselves. I think I might ask my BFF's mom to help Loverboy and Darling Cousin out, and then maybe they wouldn't need anyone else? Maybe?

So, here's the tentative post-ceremony menu:

Mini BBQ Chicken Pizza
Mini jalapeno and pineapple pizza
Like so, but possible without the tomato and onion. 

Mini burger
With bacon? Yes? No?
Mini Caprese burger
Maybe veggie tempera or sushi

Strawberry spinach salad

Fish tacos with slaw
Carne Asada tacos
(possibly) Zucchini Tacos
From Spoon Fork Bacon
We still need to try these zucchini tacos from Spoon Fork Bacon, but the look is right! I want Loverboy to try something with eggplant too, because I heart eggplant. 

Cupcake (shaped) rolls,
(maybe) Pomegranate Lettuce Cups

Mashed Potato Martini Bar
Yes, I know these are over done. But I heart them, and this is absolutely the only thing Loverboy gets no veto in. I told him before he proposed that I had to have one. He still proposed. This means I get one.
Buttermilk Mashed potatoes
(maybe garlic or wasabi too)
Broccoli and cheddar cheese
Pot roast
The usual chives and bacon bits and such

And then a bazillion desserts. One possible option is currently in the oven waiting to join my glass of bubbly.  Fingers crossed that it works because it's so US. And really, what else should a wedding be about?

Regardless, this amount of food seems more reasonable than what I was originally thinking - and certainly much more convenient for those in the kitchen. Which means I get my darling cousin and groom back. I'm still worried about having enough food for the vegetarians, but so far I think this looks good....and pairs well with my new favorite drink: pomegranate margaritas. (No picture because Loverboy swore it was too dark for pictures the last time we had them.)

Details on tonight's dessert testing to come...
xoxo, CCB