Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop the presses!

The most important thing I have discovered about wedding planning is that something little can happen - an event, seeing a picture - and BAM everything changes. (Yes, my house had lots of Emeril in it). Prime example: when Loverboy first mentioned the "hypothethical" ring, I had visions of an enchanted forest wedding in my mind. And then I decided my Disney princess type was more Aurora, less Briar Rose.

 Goodbye rustic wood centerpieces...hello glitter galore!

I was fully intending to tell you about the desserts I pretended I was making for company tested. But then I saw this.

 MaryJanes and Galoshes

Chalkboard wine bottles! I'm in love. A million uses. Table numbers? If they weren't empty, placecards. Menu markers. doesn't go with the color scheme. Apparently I'm surprisingly persnickety about these things.

So...I pouted Googled, and discovered this:

Centsational Girl

Vase. Wine bottle. Practically the same thing right? So I have successfully discovered my next two test projects: Pink Chalkboard Wine Bottles and Spraypainted Glitter Gold Wine Bottles.

Which makes me there GOLD chalk? The questions never end.

I'm not entirely sure what the chalkboard wine bottles would be best for...but I think they're too cute to pass up. (Provided that Loverboy and I can successful create a test set!) Not to mention Loverboy made the bet that I could not plan a dream wedding under a reasonable budget, so I fully intend on planning him wrong. Not counting photography of course, because no one should skimp on pictures of their happily ever after.


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