Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Diy I so want to try

Today was supposed to be a recap of the potential food recipes we've been testing, but then I found the best diy ever. EVER.

See? All that time on Craftgawker and Weddinggawker and Foodgawker have totally paid off.

If only I had discovered this earlier in the day, so I could run out to get supplies to test this one out pronto. I'm foreseeing a run to the used bookstore or the thrift store in my future.

Via Fresh Home Ideas
If only I had a picture of the gold wine bottles (instead of just the painted lemonade bottles), I'd be photoshopping those in to test that out. Actually if I had batteries for the camera, I'd be taking a picture and doing it anyway.

Where would I put these? Um everywhere, because they're adorable! But I think they would be especially nice on the ancestor table - Loverboy's grandparents were both famous writers (novel and screen), and this would be such a fitting way to pay tribute and honor them.  If I can find a beat up copy of some of their books, I'll use those...but otherwise I'd feel bad about drilling holes in what could be described as the souls of Loverboy's family.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Wine Bottle Option!

Can you tell I'm addicted to wine bottle diys? And it certainly doesn't hurt that there are gazillions (slight over-exaggeration) of empty wine bottles in the house just waiting to be made into wedding beauties. Loverboy thought I was crazy until he first painted saw the gold bottles, and now he completely understands. It's a shame that there isn't an equal abundance of corks around, as I have one very very large project I want to do with those. Sigh. Another story for another post (if I ever get enough corks!).

I discovered this the other day and I love it. I'm not entirely sure that it fits into the wedding idea...or that Loverboy would love them, but it's an idea to keep in mind.

Via Crave or Create

What do you think?

Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Fail: #1

Diy's are going to fail. It's part of the process.  It's also an important way to gauge what is actually doable and what isn't. Or so I'll say until I'm blue in the face.

Here is what it was supposed to look like:

DIY via Renest

I was thinking it could be adorable on a braid of gold and pink lace, mixed in with cute ones made from tissue paper.

And here is what mine looked like.

It's not terrible...but it doesn't really look all light and fluffy. This was also the good side. The back side didn't really look feathery at all.

Oh well, try and try again. Maybe I'll even try these again eventually.

Have you had a Diy that just didn't work?


Sunday, July 24, 2011

SprayPainted bottles- part one

Wonderful things happen when Loverboy gets roped into DIY projects. Instead of cabinets of empty wine glasses (seriously! I need to get some wine boxes from the grocery store.), you get this.

We tested out a regular wine bottle first. Pictures did not get taken because it got left on the patio table while Loverboy watered the lawn and it needs a bath. (We now know that water spots can be wiped off though!) While taking a sip of pink lemonade, I became curious about these bottles. Naturally, he surprised me with the finished result when I woke up this morning. One of the million reasons why I am marrying this man.

But this is a super easy diy that one does not necessarily need a Loverboy's assistance with.

Step One: Drink wine and lemonade. (Or whatever is in the pretty bottle you want to use. There's a pomegranate liquor bottle here just waiting to be turned into art.)

Step Two: Clean bottles.

Step Three: Place lots of bottles into a five pound bucket with a little dish soap. Let sit for awhile. Days is fine. Then scrub bottles with a sponge. Ta-da, labels are gone!

Step Four (optional): Get your Loverboy.

Step Five: Find a wooden dowel or two. This one was just barely over a dollar at the craft store for one the height of a small child. It could be cut into shorter pieces but this way involves less bending. They seem to be sturdy enough in the ground, but for the tall ones, Loverboy drilled holes into a garden railroad tie to hold them.

Step Six: Straighten bottle on dowel. Spray! Spray! Spray! Let dry...then spray spray spray again!  Two to three coats seem to be what works, but it will depend on your paint and how opaque you want the bottle to be. A clear coat or a clear glitter coat could be applied too.

Finally, sit back and enjoy the finished product!

Past to Present. You can clearly see where the old label used to be, but I kinda like. There's always the option of designing a new label or wrapping some lace around it. As you can see, there's definitely going to be more bottles painted in the future. Loverboy has devised a plan to even patternize some of the regular wine bottles, but that will be another post as we need to get supplies.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop the presses!

The most important thing I have discovered about wedding planning is that something little can happen - an event, seeing a picture - and BAM everything changes. (Yes, my house had lots of Emeril in it). Prime example: when Loverboy first mentioned the "hypothethical" ring, I had visions of an enchanted forest wedding in my mind. And then I decided my Disney princess type was more Aurora, less Briar Rose.

 Goodbye rustic wood centerpieces...hello glitter galore!

I was fully intending to tell you about the desserts I pretended I was making for company tested. But then I saw this.

 MaryJanes and Galoshes

Chalkboard wine bottles! I'm in love. A million uses. Table numbers? If they weren't empty, placecards. Menu markers. doesn't go with the color scheme. Apparently I'm surprisingly persnickety about these things.

So...I pouted Googled, and discovered this:

Centsational Girl

Vase. Wine bottle. Practically the same thing right? So I have successfully discovered my next two test projects: Pink Chalkboard Wine Bottles and Spraypainted Glitter Gold Wine Bottles.

Which makes me there GOLD chalk? The questions never end.

I'm not entirely sure what the chalkboard wine bottles would be best for...but I think they're too cute to pass up. (Provided that Loverboy and I can successful create a test set!) Not to mention Loverboy made the bet that I could not plan a dream wedding under a reasonable budget, so I fully intend on planning him wrong. Not counting photography of course, because no one should skimp on pictures of their happily ever after.